Saturday, December 24, 2011

Exciting News

Hi all!

I have some really great news!  I have decided to integrate my Bux Sites Review with the Empower Network. What is the Empower Network?  It is a brand new marketing tool, that is also viral.  If you have an online or even an offline business you need to promote, I challenge you to read my newest blog now.

Also be prepared to sign up!  You can make money starting immediately.
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Saturday, November 12, 2011


If you are not signed into Clixsense, you are missing out on a lot of money!
Clixsense has been around since 2007.  You know they have the funds to pay you right away.  Payouts are $10 for free members.  It has just been lowered to $8 for upgraded members.  Clicking ads by yourself will make you money.  But for more leverage and quicker earning, try for direct referrals.  And then if your referrals upgrade, you earn even more!

How do you earn?  Click ads, and do that DAILY.  Click the clix grid.  Did you know there is $5 hiding in there every day?  I think I won 25 cents once and 5 cents another time.  There are also games to play, and surveys to do.  Surveys pay out differently, however.

Clixsense pays out 3 different ways.  Paper check, Pay Pal, and Alert Pay.  They also offer great discounts for advertising.  If you have affiliate links, bring them here, and advertise, advertise, advertise.

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Ok, I'm having a real problem with Neobux.  It just seems I can't get there, in making money!  Why is it so hard to make money there?  Anyone else having this same problem?

Next question, is Neobux really THE ONE that makes money?

Post your thoughts.

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Friday, November 4, 2011

FREE DOWNLOAD - Business Audit Report

Hey, how about a free download??  Everyone likes freebies, right??  Well I'm about to send one to you.

“Find Out Why Every MLM Company And Leader In This Business Will Beg You Not To Read This Business Audit”   Lana Robinson, top website manager

Click on the link to get your free Business Audit Report:

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

NEW New PTC site!

Brand new PTC site to try.  It's quite different from normal PTC site.  They offer profit sharing.  The best way to make money is to upgrade as soon as you can.  Also, if you want to use is as a free member, you can then earn points to upgrade.

Click the link to go there and check it out!

Bux 4 Share


Friday, September 2, 2011

Thursday nite Webinar!

Please join the PTC Income family on Thursday evenings, 8pm Eastern time.
Please click the link and sign in as a guest.

PTC Income Training

Free Ad Exchanges

With the way the economy is today, everyone can appreciate the fact that money is tight.  Even in online business.  While paid ads will still net you a better profit, these free ad exchanges will get you started.   I am proud to be able to present you with a couple of free ad exchanges.  They are credit based.  I would suggest opening a G-mail account, so the exchange ads don't clog up your personal email account.

As I try other free exchanges,  I will pass them along.

To your success!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How can I make money?

Obviously, clicking ads for pennies, will not make you rich.  Actually, this is not a "get rich quick scheme."  You have to work at it.

Start by filling out the form on this page.
Then pick out a few ptc sites from my feature page.  No more than what you can handle.  I find that 5 are easy to handle for a day.  You may want to do more.  I will have a page with several ptc that I use.  You will want to be sure you do your clicks every day.  This is how you build up a balance.

You also want to work on getting "referrals."  People interested in making money that will sign up under yourself and click ads.  You then get paid for your clicks, their clicks, and if they referrals, you get paid for those clicks.  Some of the newer websites will go 8-10 people deep so you can receive money.  More on that as we go on.

Cash outs depends on the ptc site you are working on.  Check the FAQ's to find out when you can cash out.  Also check faq's to find out if site has referrals for rent.  This is a cheap way of getting a couple of early referrals.  However, referral rental is not popular with the newer sites.

If interested, I have a wonderful pdf file called TURNING PENNIES INTO DOLLARS.  I could email that you you. Contact Cindy S.

What is a Bux Site?

A Bux Site is another name for ptc site, or "pay to click."  On  a pay to click site you get paid to read advertisements.  Examples of "bux" sites are ONBUX, NEOBUX, and INFINITY BUX.  These sites are known as pay to click sites.  You read advertisements, and then get paid anywhere from 1/10 of a cent up to 2 cents.

So now that you know what Bux Sites or "pay to click sites" are, you must be asking, "how can I possibly make money with only earning a couple of pennies per ad?"  Keep reading.  This will be up next!