Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Infinity Bux family

What is going on with Infinity Bux and all of the others in that family?  Lately, I've been getting 5-8 ads for a couple of pennies.  I used to get about 10 or 12 ads for about 4 cents!

It seems most of the problems started back in October when Alert Pay quit taking  Visa and other credit cards.  Apparently Infinity Bux lost a lot of revenue due to that.  So to make up for the loss, they have cut back on self sponsored ads.  Another thing they did was to offer an upgrade at $14.99 for the year.  You can also rent a referral for 25 cents.  Good luck finding a referral!

The bad thing they did was to cut back on the cash outs.  Instead of upgraded members being able to cash out every day, it is now once every 7 days.  I think that made some people mad.

As of today, they are now accepting Solid Trust Pay.  This processor takes credit cards.  As I never heard of Solid Trust Pay, I looked them up.  They are from the UK.  Kinda hard for us Yanks to deal with....

Let's hope something happens with these sites!